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Future Planning
  • WEAVCO  has under taken the  task for  promoting women empowerment  through cooperatives of  Punjab.  As a part of  it WEAVCO has  got approved a  scheme namely ‘Mai Bhago Istri Shakti  Scheme which  was launched   in the month of November 2007.

  • Different income generating activities have been  identified at the village level depending upon the area  and the activities already being done in that particular village have also been  strengthened. Various activities have been  undertaken for the upliftment of  women through cooperatives  in the State.

  • WEAVCO has already  developed  and prepared a  good range of design  in products for display  of  latest  colours and designs.

  • Weavco is making all out efforts to make the supplies of cloth to all the cooperative Institutions and the Govt departments/boards/ Corporation in the State to increase the sales. Earlier some of the Cooperative Institutions were not purchasing  the cloth from Weavco but now  steps are being taken to bring these Institution  under the Weavco fold to meet their Institutional cloth requirement from Weavco.

  • Weavco is planning to introduce some new items phulkari bed covers, dupattas, ladies suits etc to ensure the maximum sales through its showrooms.