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WEAVCO has already set  up  12 showrooms within and outside the state of Punjab to sell its products. Year-wise  sale position  for the last three years is as under:

Year Sales (Rs. in lacs) Profit (Rs in Lacs.)
2009-10 285.13 10.48
2010-11 302.12 18.12
2011-12 202.68 (-)87.29
2012-13 271.15 (-)126.14

 The WEAVCO is providing following facilities to its member societies: -

                  Providing marketing infrastructure through 12 showrooms within and  outside the state.

                  Providing  technical know-how by the handloom experts to member societies.

                  Providing latest and  better  improved designs to the member societies.

Upliftment of Women through Cooperatives of Punjab under Banner of 
'Mai Bhago Istri Shakti Scheme'

WEAVCO  has undertaken the  task for  promoting women empowerment  through cooperatives of  Punjab.  As a part of  it WEAVCO has  got approved a  scheme namely ‘Mai Bhago Istri Shakti  Scheme which  was launched   in the month of November 2007.

Salient features of the Scheme
  • There are two aspects of the scheme i.e. social  and economic aspect. Under the social aspect, stress is being given to   control female feticide & avoid unnecessary  expenditure  on marriages, to stress for  higher and  technical education of girls and  equal  opportunities of employment of girls etc.  This task is being done  at Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS)  level, by enlightening   women members through the field   functionaries of PUNCOFED Punjab and the  committees constituted  at  Sub Division Level. Under the  economic aspect  PACS have been made  hub for empowerment of Women.

  • Different income generating activities have been  identified at the village level depending upon the area  and the activities already being done in that particular village have also been  strengthened. The following activities have been  undertaken as per this scheme:-

    • Phulkari work,
    • Tailoring, stitching and embroidery
    • Hosiery and knitting,
    • Vadi papad, Pickles,Murrba,sauce  and squash making
    • Dairy & Poultry
    • Making of Soft toys etc.

  • Women  are being  imparted training at the PACS  level through PICT, RICM Chandigarh   and NIIFT Mohali by  roping  different  departments like  Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Khadi Village Industries Board (KVIB) and Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, New Delhi etc. etc.

  • Products  produced by these women beneficiaries  will be sold through  the network of  PACS of district/ state . WEAVCO, MILKFED  and  MARKFED  which have their outlets  throughout the country will also help for the sale of the  products  produced  by these  women beneficiaries .

WEAVCO  is also   set to launch  ‘Pride’- the brand name  to the products  made  by the group of rural women across the state. This   will    include   vide range of  house hold products like embroidered, textile,  knitted clothes,  school uniform and confectionary items etc . These products will be sold  by WEAVCO through its chain of showrooms. By doing this  WEAVCO will  provide marketing facilities  for the  sale of  products produced  by  the women groups. WEAVCO will also  provide  technical knowhow and latest design particularly on handloom  products for development and  promotion of  the produce of these  women.